Rameck Hunt, MD

Dr. Rameck Hunt was born like many other young men in Newark, New Jersey where the neighborhood either makes you or breaks you. Dr. Hunt found several obstacles on his path to success. Yet he was determined that by the end of his career there would be something positive to look back on. Dr. Hunt, just beginning his career, is already recognized for many accomplishments.

Having always had a gift for speaking, Dr. Hunt has become a master at telling a story. Similar to a reverend when he speaks, he speaks from past experience of lacking structure and direction in his own life. He recalls, “I was in a lot of trouble as a youngster because I had no course for my life. I made many mistakes but eventually learned from them and recognized what I needed to achieve; something different than what I was exposed to – determination and direction.” He found that direction in friends, Dr. George Jenkins and Dr. Sampson Davis. In their pursuit to becoming doctors, Rameck and friends learned to strategize and plan for the long term.

Dr. Hunt loves telling his story and wholeheartedly accepts his chosen position as a role model. Contributing his success to not only determination but to the influence and guidance of others, Dr. Hunt acknowledges, “My passion exists because others believed in me and if I can trigger that same passion in someone else, then I’ll try my best to do just that”.

Dr Hunt received his Bachelor of Science from Seton Hall University, his Doctor of Medicine from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and completed a residency in internal medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Dr. Hunt is a Board certified internist at University Medical Center at Princeton and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.