The Foundation

The Three Doctors Foundation mission is to inspire and motivate youth through education, to achieve leadership and career success in their community through the formation of positive peer and mentor relationships. The Three Doctors Foundation stands on the premise that “Our Children Can Not Aspire To Be What They Can Not See”.

Our vision is to serve as a positive model for inner city youth and families across the nation. We will utilize our experience, status and programs as platforms to encourage community development, volunteerism and leadership.

We are passionate about touching the lives of inner city community members so that they become empowered and act as change agents to improve the quality of life for themselves and others. We are committed to promoting respect, diversity and life balance within these communities, acting as role models and advocates for the underprivileged.

Increase community volunteerism and leadership. Improve the quality of life among inner city youth and families. Generate key partnerships with community leaders and peer organizations to maximize program results.

Brings together members who share the common goal of implementing concepts that will change the publics attitude towards involvement in inner-city community development, while enlarging the roles of individuals uniquely positioned to influence individuals, in community outreach efforts.

Create a supportive environment, which enables individuals to perform to their potential. By actively valuing different backgrounds and perspectives, fostering teamwork among heterogeneous communities and maximizing contributions to the mission of The Three Doctors Foundation by providing financial assistance and the overall support and help individuals need in attaining their goals. We come together to exchange ideas that have a positive and meaningful impact on the community.

For information about Foundation events, please visit our EVENTS page.